The simple and cost-effective solution is helping keep the town’s water sources clean. Pollution in our waterways is not only dangerous and unsanitary for humans but it also affects wildlife. That’s why it is so exciting to see an initiative aimed at preventing such waste.

The Australian city of Kwinana has designed a simple and cost-effective solution to deal with the discharge of waste from drainage systems. The town has put nets on the outlet of drainage pipes. These nets stop waste and pollutants from leaving the sewers, preventing garbage transported by rain waters from contaminating the town’s local water reserve. It is a simple filtering system and it works like a charm.

The city reported that in just six months it collected 370 kilograms (815 pounds) of garbage from two locations where the nets are installed. The collected debris is then separated and all recyclable materials are taken to a recycling centre which processes biodegradable waste and turns it into fertilizer.

The city also pointed out that the nets were installed on750mm and 450mm-diameter concrete drainage pipe outlets. In six months, they have been cleaned a total of three times and at no point has any animal been found trapped inside. Carol Adams, the city mayor, revealed to SurferToday that the initiative only cost around $20,000.

“After seeing the nets in action in other local government areas, the City determined the net to be the most cost-effective and safest option over other methods which can be up to four times the cost per unit and are sealed and submerged structures,” said Adams.

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