Design of  Water Tank for 12 Members Family

when we want to find out that how much water are required for the city, village , hospital , house , town etc. So first of all we have to find there water requirements what how much after they are using per capita in per day. After that we are able to find the population of the city or village etc.

than its easy to find the total volume of water for them. when we complete this survey than we have to find out the volume of the water tank for those water which are required for the village or city peoples. than we add the factor of safety in that water because F.O.S can give us a lot of benefits.  let us start:Here we have a small family and we have to find the volume of water required for a house. So we have total no’s of population in this house just 12 nos. Now we have to find the volume of water and volume of water tank for the 12 members of family.


When You want to Design water Tank for a Small Family or School ,  House , College and Industries etc.

So First Of All we have to Find Out the average of water for per/day/capita.

Let to Start Start the Example  that how to Design the Water Tank for a Small family.

First Of all to find out volume of water Requirement for One person / day.

So 135 liters Of water is the average of water for one person/day

Details :

1: Dranking  =  5 liters

2: Cooking =  5 liters

3: Bathing and Toilet =  85 liters

4: House Cleaning  = 10 liters

5:  Cloth washing  = 30 liters

So Total water are required for one person/day  =  135 liters.

So now we Design a Water Tank for 12 members family :

Total Water Required for one person per day  = 135 liters of water.

We have 12 members family

Solution :

Total Water Requirement for 12 members per day  =  12 x 135  = 1620 liters/day

We Know That:-

Density of Water  = 1000 liters/Cu.m 

Now:    1 cum  = 1000 liters

1 liter   = 1/1000

So  1 liter  = 0.001 cum

Our Water Requirement is 1620 liters

So    1620 x 0.001 cum

Volume of Water  = 1.62 cum

Now Assume Height of Water Tank  =  say 1.5 m

Now Find The area of Water Tank = 1.62/1,5  = 1.08 sq.m

Now we have to find out the length and width of water tank

so Take under Root on the Water tank Area

√1.08   = 1.0398 m

So Now

Height of Water Tank =  1.5 m

Length of water Tank  = 1.0398 m

Width of water Tank   = 1.0398 m

Note: when You want to design a water Tank so Water tank design i depend on the population and also that how much water they are using depend on the person nature. And after that we have to find out the volume of water average and than we are able to Design the water tank after the Given Data .The above water Tank Design of Water is just for one days it mean this water tank is just work for one day for 12 members family.

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