When you choose a roofing style, you may first think of the visual impact. While a good look really matters, so do utility, lifetime, and strength. If you’ve ever wondered what the importance of a good roof is to your home, then don’t miss this list!

Gable roof

The term ‘gable’ refers to the triangle spot that is formed when the two pitched areas of the roof meet.

It’s a very popular type of roof: easy to build, sheds water well, facilitates ventilation, and can be applied to most house designs.


The hip roof is slightly more difficult to build and usually has 4 sides. It’s a popular choice but does not provide for ventilation. They do perform better in high wind areas.


Dutch roof is basically a hip roof with a small gable at either end. The result is easier access to the lower portion of the roof with the added benefits of natural light and extra space.

Mansard roof

It is a French design and is more difficult to build than the hip or gable roof. It actually features two slopes within one on each side. The bottom part of the roof slope is steeper so that the pitch of the roof barely starts. This allows more room on the inside and in most cases creates extra space.

Flat roof

Most flat roofs are not really 100% flat, they are low-sloped roofs that appear flat, but have a little bit of a slope to allow for the run-off water.

Shed roof

The shed roof is similar to a flat roof but has more pitch, it is frequently used for additions or with other roof styles.

Butterfly roof

This is a very modern design that is aesthetically unique. It provides plenty of light and ventilation but drainage is a problem.

Gambrel roof

It is also called a barn roof because it has been used extensively on barns. It provides additional headroom in the attic.

Dormer roof

A dormer is more an addition to an existent roof. It is a window and a roof (gabled, hipped, flat, among others) protruding from the existing slope of the roof. A functional dormer creates usable space out of the roof, adding natural light and headroom.

M Shaped

An M-shaped roof is basically a double gable roof featuring two sloped sides that meet in the middle with corresponding slopes on each side.

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