Digital levels use electronic image processing to test the special bar-coded staff reading, this bar-coded pattern is converted into elevation and distance values using a digital image matching procedure within the instrument.

Advantages of digital level

1- Correction of collimation error: Can be reliably determined and saved using the four integrated Check and Adjust procedures or it can be entered manually

2- Minimize human error: Fatigue-free observation as visual staff reading by the observer is not required.

3- User-friendly menus with easy to read, digital display of results.

4- Earth curvature correction: The measurements made are automatically free of the influence of the earth’s curvature.

5- Measurement of consistent precision and reliability due to automation.

6- Automatic data storage eliminates booking and its associated errors.

7- We can operate in low light conditions.

manufacturers have claimed 8- Fast, economic surveys resulting in saving in time

9- Data on the storage medium of the level can be downloaded to a computer enabling quick data reduction for various purposes.

Components of digital level

Main components of the digital level consist of two parts: Hardware (Digital level and levelling staff) and Software.

1- Both digital level and associated staff are manufactures so that they can be used for both conventional and digital operations.

2-  Typically digital level has the same optical and mechanical components as a normal automatic level.

3- However, for the purpose of electronic staff reading a beam splitter is incorporated which transfers the bar code image to a detector diode array.

4- The light, reflected from the white elements only of the bar code, is divided into infrared and visible light components by the beam splitter.

5-  The visible light passes on to the observer, the infrared to diode array.

6- The acquired bar code image is converted into an analogous video signal, which is then compared has a stored reference code within the instrument.

Types of digital levels

1- Spinter 50

2- Spinter 150

3- Spinter 150m

4- Spinter 250m

5- Leica DNA10 Digital Level

6- Leica DNA03 Digital Level

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