This Preliminary & Detailed Cost Estimate Checklist is intended to assist Estimators, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Architects & Engineers, and all Construction Professionals to develop both Preliminary & Detailed Cost Estimates and consider all related construction activities. Its main purpose is to ensure that no scope items are missed from the final estimate. This handy checklist is appropriate for any kind of domestic or overseas construction project. The checklist will ensure you have all the bases covered when compiling an estimate. The checklist makes sure the consistency of the final estimating product/deliverables is achieved.


1- Estimating Acoustical Ceilings Checklist

2- Estimating Concrete Pad Footings Checklist

3- Estimating Concrete Slabs Checklist

4- Estimating Concrete Wall Checklist

5- Estimating Concrete Work Checklist

6- Estimating Demolition Checklist

7- Estimating Doors Checklist

8- Estimating Drywall Checklist

9- Estimating Earthwork Checklist

10- Estimating EIFS_Stucco Checklist

11- Estimating Electrical Checklist

12- Estimating Exterior Concrete Work Checklist

13- Estimating Finish Carpentry Checklist

14- Estimating Fire Sprinklers Checklist

15- Estimating Flooring Checklist

16- Estimating HVAC Checklist

17- Estimating Landscaping and Irrigation Checklist

18- Estimating Masonry Checklist

19- Estimating Painting Checklist

20- Estimating Paving Checklist

21- Estimating Plumbing Checklist

22- Estimating Roofing and Siding Checklist

23- Estimating Site Utilities Checklist

24- Estimating Storefront and Windows Checklist

25- Estimating Structural Steel Checklist

26- Pre-Bid Information Checklist

27- Project Scope Quick Checklist

28- Quality of Bid Checklist

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