A huge nuclear-powered “flying hotel” with a gym and swimming pool is set to carry 5,000 passengers in unparalleled luxury. The new CGI video details how AI pilot SkyCruise can fly in the air for several months at a time, docking to pick up new passengers and unload passengers. The futuristic hybrid of the plane and the hotel (with 20 fusion-powered engines) is designed to prevent landing.

Hashem Argairi, who created a very detailed mockup of a monster aircraft, said Nuclear Power Plant Sky Cruise could be the future of “Transport”.
There is Alghaili, designed to operate 24/7, adds that in-flight repairs are done onboard. This is the first time in the aviation industry.

And when asked how many people would take to fly this huge plane, he said: “I think it’s completely autonomous”.

Despite planning an unoccupied vehicle, SkyCruise has enough to call all passengers. Staff must board.

Highly detailed videos promise that restaurants, huge shopping mallsgyms, theaters, and even pools are all empty.

Promotional clips also promise UFOs for humans to board. If you have the courage, it can be the perfect wedding venue. And Sky Cruise has a panoramic hall with breathtaking 360-degree outside views.

But despite the promised greatness, not everyone agrees with the idea.
Some people call the Sky Cruise concept “New Titanic designed”.

Huge planes have problems taking off and will be far from aerodynamics. Others have pointed out the shortcomings of its weight, and a nuclear-powered aircraft could crash and destroy the city.

One nervous passenger said, “A great idea to put a reactor into something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.”

Someone else commented, “I’m sure I can afford to buy a ticket for the bottom deck with no space under my feet and no access to the lounge.”

And the third post: “These exposed elevators are a big difference to me. Non-uniform drag also wants words about them. The engine suspiciously looks like a jet engine and the nucleus Fusion reactions are used as an energy source for the magical future, and your animation never bothered raising the landing gear. ”

And the huge development costs are another concern.” It is a matter. “This is an interesting concept and can be built with current technology, but it’s very expensive and there is no doubt that only the rich can book this hotel.” But others are enthusiastic about getting on board first.

Some say Our future looks like this.

And the second article writes: Many people are raising expectations for huge hotels, but sky cruises are still in the distant future.

There are some things that will never change when such an aircraft is built someday.
As one commenter pointed out, “I must still be next to someone screaming at the age of three throughout the trip.”

And the second wisely said: “If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, this ship could actually take off.”

But their concerns don’t have to worry about anything.

This was after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark went to space in July 2021 to make history.

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