Architects and civil engineers do work on projects together, however, the tasks they each carry out are quite different. Here you can compare these two career options and learn more about how they differ.


Architects design various buildings and structures that include office buildings and houses. They can work on projects as small as rooms in a building to designing the entire building. They must have experience with computer software to create scaled drawings to provide plans to workers. Architects must have great creativity and vision to ensure the project looks attractive to clients. They are also responsible for taking care of many parts of the project, so they must be very organized to keep track of all aspects of architectural development. Architects with extensive experience can advance into higher-level supervisory roles as architectural managers.

Job responsibilities of an architect include

1- Organizing structure specifications.

2- Estimating budget and time.

3- Creating drawings and plans.

4- Presenting plans to clients.

5- Developing contracts.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are responsible for overseeing and designing roads, bridges, water systems, buildings, and dams, among other structures. Civil engineers spend the majority of their time in an office designing and planning projects, though they do visit construction sites to oversee the work being completed. Civil engineers work with complicated designs where a background in math, as well as skills in problem-solving, can aid in finding solutions to issues that may arise with the development of projects.

Job responsibilities of a civil engineer include

1- Testing building materials.

2- Following regulations and considering possible project hazards.

3- Performing surveying operations.

4- Supervising maintenance of infrastructures.

5- Using design programs for projects.


1- Architecture is more into the creativity of designs. Civil engineering focuses on innovation to realize that design.

2- Architecture involves the design of structures with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. Civil engineering will not normally care about those things; Civil Engineers will rather deliberate and plan the methodology to construct the design.
3- Architecture initiates the project through architects’ drafts. Civil engineering involves studying drafts and examining the practicality of the design; civil engineers ensure that the design can withstand normal and extreme loading conditions.
4- Architects will need engineers to help to make their designs work. Civil engineers will be guided by the architect’s outlines and dimensions.

5- According to Glassdoor, a civil engineer makes $68, 638/year in the USA. According to the same site, an architectural engineer may earn $56, 608 during the same time span.

6- During a project, a civil engineer has a management role.

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