Red Concrete is Considered one of the Rarest Types of Concrete that is Used for the Casting. The Red Concrete Mix Design Components Consist of Water, Course
Aggregate, Fine Aggregates, and Chemical Admixtures that are Provided for the Red Sulphate Resistance Concrete (SRC Type) Concrete, The Chemical Admixtures are FlyAsh, Accelerators, Retarders, Reducers, Slag, GGBS, Super Plasticizer, and Plasticisers,

The Current Concrete Mix Design Submittal for the Red Concrete is Submitted to the Consultant for Approved Along with its Method of Statement, Concrete Properties, Durability, Workability, Slumpality, and Approved Statement from the Concrete Plant Design Mix. The Current Provided Concrete Mix Design of Red Sulphate Resistance Concrete Must be Approved by the Consultant, Concrete Mix Plant As the Concrete Plant Undergoes Several Stages of the Concrete Mixing, Which Are Batching, Mixing, Transporting and Closing of the Concrete Mix Design,Which is Batching the Concrete Mix Design after the Concrete Mix Design Material Submittal Approved by the Consultancy and the Client then the Red Concrete Components Are mixed together to form the Red Concrete which undergoes Several Slump tests, Flow Tests (if the Current Concrete is A Self Compacting Concrete SCC), Workability, Temperature Check, Durability, Permeability, Compressive Strength Tests,3 Point Test,2 Point Test, Water Absorption Test, Proctor Compaction Test, Sieve Analysis of Aggregate Size (Less than 5mm, more than 5mm, Either Coarse or Fine Aggregates), Standard Penetration Test (SPT TEST), Manual Concrete Mix Design tests including the Sulphate Resistance Cement Portion and the Aggregate Size, of Increasing the Amount of Admixture Material, The Compressive Strength Test should Achieve
At least 70% of the Original Compressive Strength Grade of the Concrete.

All the Concrete Properties can be found in the Approved Material Submittal Concrete Mix Design with Providing a Delivery Note from the Concrete Plant. Usually, the Red Concrete mix SRC type is used for casting the Sidewalk Pavements with Providing an Expansion Joint with Every Specified Interval, As it will be Treated As A Blinding concrete with Providing An Expansion Joint with every 5 meters, for example, The Current Red Concrete Mix is done At Specified Locations, with providing A-Side Curbstone based on the Approved Municipality Architectural Drawings or Shop Drawings, This is one way of doing it, the Other way is Using A Blinding Concrete Layer/Subbase layer Finished with Epoxy Coating with providing An Metal Aluminum  MA/Stainless steel SS C Channel
Strip Rubberized Expansion Joint if the Expansion joint is E<3cm,3cm or less if it is more than 3cm, then A Rubberized Suspension system Expansion Joint is Provided, Expansion Joint Design is Done as per the ACI318, ASCE7-10 Parameters of providing A Sufficient Expansion Joint for the Load to be Distributed Equally without Any Distortion that may Occur in the Current Red Blinding Concrete Sidewalks or Even Basketball Courts or Fields for Load Distribution Purpose Equally,

Foundation type Is a Shallow foundation with A Cut off Neck Column that is Backfilled below the Current Proposed NADD +0.00 Level In other Words from the Benchmark Road Level (Zero Datum Level), the Surveyor should take into consideration the Current benchmark Level and Proceed with the Cutoff level of the
Neck Column Shallow Foundation (Isolated, Strip footings, or Double Footing) to Proceed with the Tie Beam and the Raft/Mat Foundation Construction so it is basically will be Raft/Mat on the Shallow Foundation Type with Providing A Connection to the Shallow Foundation, before Backfilling the Soil, the Soil is Compacted properly, Proctor Compaction tests are done, Antitermite Chemical Material is Provided for the Soil.

protection, the Sulphate Red Concrete is Used for Raft/Mat Foundation Casting Procedure, SRC (Sulphate Resistance Cement), or you can do it as the usual way of providing Anti termite Chemical Material for the soil After it is Compacted Properly using A Mechanical Vibrator or Compacted Roller.

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