Bamboo is Stronger Than Steel

Bamboo has quite high tensile strength. It is comparable with steel.Apart from this, bamboo has an impermeable protective layer on the outer side which protects it from rotting due to water, which is a major problem for almost all organic material.

Use of  Bamboo and Its Strength 

Now in civil engineering many people are using bamboo  in place of steel for reinforcement, but bamboo is an excellent choice for reinforcement in concrete because of its higher strength as compared to steel by weight, the tensile strength  Bamboo’s tensile strength is roughly 28,000 per square inch versus steel’s 23,000.Bamboo is stronger more than 6 times of steel reinforcement,On comparison, the energy needed to produce steel is almost 50 times that of this natural product. In tensile load application, results shown by bamboo are exciting because the ratio of tensile strength to specific weight of bamboo is six times greater than steel.

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