The color of the safety helmet depends on site, department, company, industry, and some times geography.

1- White– Any Engineer -( Civil/Mechanical/Electrical), Supervisors, Architect, Surveyors, Any Construction Professional.

2- Blue– For Electricians, Carpenters And other Technical Operators.

3- Red– For Firefighters.

4- Green– For Safety Officer, Health And Environment Personnel.

5- Gray– For Site Visitor, Tradesman, Crew, And Workers.

6- Yellow– For Labourers And Earth Moving Operator.

6- Brown– For Welders And Worker With High Heat Application.

However, the engineer’s helmet color is prescribed by the Owner in contract agreement and the contractor has to abide. Some times it is prescribed in the Site Safety Plan or Safety Rule Book which is prepared by the contractor and approved by the Owner. When complex projects like construction of a Metro, Ship Harbor, Township, Airport, Canal Ling of River, etc., different contractors work in one place. In such situations to demarcate the engineers of contractors, the helmet color of engineers (cited in SI. No. 1 above) varies and again shall be defined by the owner.

Then the colors of helmets, in general, will be a color other than those cited in SI NO. 2 to 6 above such as purple, dark orange, Grey, Black,  etc and the white color shall be retained by the Owner, Independent Engineer, Owner’s Engineer, and Concessionaire. But in mechanical or automobile or any manufacturing industry, all men on the shop floor wear a yellow helmet irrespective of cadre or degree of responsibility. You can safely assume, the color of a safety helmet for Civil Engineers is White.

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