Why Stirrups Are Used In Beam And Column Construction?

Stirrups are provided to hold the main reinforcement rebars [1] together in an RCC structure. Stirrups are placed at proper intervals to beams and columns to prevent them from buckling. Also, they protect RCC structures from collapsing during seismic activities (earthquakes).

Purpose Of Stirrups:

  1. It increases the compressive strength of the column.
  2. It can improve the ductility of the column.
  3. Stirrups prevent the buckling of main reinforcement in a column.
  4. At the time of concreting, it prevents movement of main reinforcement
  5. Improve the dowel action of column reinforcement.
  6. In beam stirrups used for lump sum same purpose as in a column.
  7. To provide lateral confinement to longitudinal bars
  8. Its provide resistance against shear and torsion
  9. To hold longitudinal bars during construction
  10. Its confine the concrete in the core, thus improving ductility and strength
  11. Its prevent premature buckling of individual bars

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