Site Supervisor

1- Oversee operations

2- Study the drawings and execute the work

3- Ensure that work is done safely

4- Responsibility for supervising the whole site

5- Preparing the site, carefully planning the work to be done

6- Monitor progress, oversee the delivery of materials

7- Monitor progress, oversee the delivery of materials

8- Supervising the labors

9- Monitoring the work

10- Keep in close contact with members of their site team

Site Engineer

The role of a construction site engineer depends on the type of work involved and the experience of the site engineer in a construction project.

1- Setting out the works

2- Liaising with the project planning engineer

3- Calculating the quantity of material

4- Checking materials and work in progress

5- Observance of safety requirements

6- Resolving technical issues

7- Quality control

8- Liaising with company or project purchasing department

9- Measurement and valuation

10- Providing data in respect of variation orders

11- Preparing record drawings, technical reports, site diary

12- Tracking up the material wastage

13- Supervising and counseling junior

14- Job review of subordinate staff

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